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Whether blithely decorating your wall or laying seductively on your coffee table, this Harlot will capture your imagination.   Harlot was selected for inclusion in Bead International 2008 organized by and held at The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center  in Athens, Ohio. 

Mini Cachepots

Five sweet, little cachepots will add cheer to any place in your home.   There's always just enough room for one more treasure in your Sweetheart's or Mom's vitrine!

Accent Arrangement

A small arrangement done in blues and lavenders, permanently planted in a glazed Chinese pot. This piece was perfect for a friend's 50th birthday celebration. She'll be able to put it anywhere in her home ~ perhaps the mantle, bookshelf or end table. See a similar arrangement done in warm reds and golds.

Deconstructing Eden

A full size arrangement featuring designs not necessarily found in nature.  Deconstructing Eden was selected for inclusion in Bead International 2006 organized by and held at The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center  in Athens, Ohio. 

Fairy Flowers

These branches are home to light and airy little blooms which twinkle like fairies dancing in your garden ~ hiding under and behind leaves, making you look twice to catch them.


Whether in Fall shades of browns and golds for your livingroom or fantasy Bubblegum shades for your favorite princess, cattails are always a fun, sleek, modern shape to play around with in accenting a room or tabletop. How about college colors for your recent high school graduate?

Heart Pins

At the request of my high school roommate, Connie, this original design utilizes the basic techniques for creating French beaded flowers. Thanks, Room! The first ones were created in luscious reds in time for Valentine's Day. Pins made in additional colors and bead finishes soon followed for wear at any time of year. A series of seven pins, "Spectral Hearts," was subsequently designed. The purple heart from the series was included in World of Beads VII in New York, a juried exhibit, in October 2004.

Lily of the Valley Teacup

May's flower is Lily of the Valley. These lilies rise delicately amid large, graceful dark leaves. They are planted in their matching Flower of the Month Series cup and saucer by Royal Albert (ca. 1970). Small polished aventurine stones are layered at the base of the flowers.

Springtime Blossoms

This piece is a grouping of stylized narcissus and paperwhites blooming tall in a vintage slag glass planter.

Fleur de Light

An original design fantasy flower. Selected by a jury panel of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City for inclusion in the Bead Society of Greater New York's World of Beads VI Exhibit at the Museum in October 2003.

A bouquet for my sister, Barbara, and her husband, Gregory, in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. I wish them many more happy years together.

Yella Bella

Bella has waited a while for her name. When i made this same flower in blue for a sweet young lady named Isabella for her First Communion, it became Bella. Look here soon to see pictures of Blu Bella and Baby Pink Bella.

Bouquet of Lilac Rudbeckia and Poppies

Individual stems grouped together here for display.

Bouquet for my Mother's 75th birthday (Bluebells, Rose spray, Poppy and Liatris)

April Heat

This flower was created while the temperature soared to a recordbreaking temperature for April 17, 2002 and all April in New York City (96F). A cooler version of the same flower can be seen as Michele's Rainbow.

Cosmic Spring

Nothing like the Cosmos petal discussed in Beadedflowers group at Yahoo. That discussion brought about several members attempting to recreate a beaded petal found elsewhere. In my mangled attempts, one petal kept my attention and brought about this flower's creation. As such, i thought its name ought to have some reminder.

Shamrock Pins

Add some splash to your coat or sweater with a shamrock. Show your green. An original design available in various colorways to suit your style.

St. Patrick's Day Man of Mystery Red Clover

Previously included in Rose Elliot's March 2002 Newsletter.

A rose for my Valentine.

The Rosarian Timeless Roses

An original design fantasy flower created on a whim just to be able to work with these lush silver lined deep amethyst beads. Fall is definitely in the air.


Original design using the Victorian method allows for more intricate work with color to capture the pansy's playful face.

Pansiesx Pansies at FreeFoto

Liberty Flower and Sparklers

September 11 Wreath Project x 9/11 Memorial Wreaths

Read more at the links included just above.


Magnolia Images

When i saw Rosemary Topol's magnolia, i knew i had to make one. I don't often get to enjoy a real magnolia blossom. I guess i'll have to make some more so i can be reminded year-round just how graceful they are. Rosemary is also a member of the Beadedflowers group at Yahoo. You can see her lovely arrangements at Rosemary's Bead Flower Garden.


FuchsiaBonsai xx SwedishFuchsiaSociety x

A warm Thank You goes to Karole Conaway, a member of the Beadedflowers group at Yahoo, who took the time to write up a pattern for all us flowerbeaders to create our own fuchsias. The Glass Butterfly, ETC is home to Karole's work as well as her patterns, etc.

Lavender Rose

I hadn't thought of making roses when i took my first flower beading class. Then i joined the Bead Society of Greater New York where i signed up to take a workshop in French Beaded Flowers. Thanks to Roberta Troeder's patient teachings, patterns, and inspiring examples of her own work, i finally attempted my first rose.

Shows and Exhibits

Bead International 2008, The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center, Athens, OH, May - September 2008 - Harlot

Bead International 2006, The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center, Athens, OH, May - September 2006 - Juror's Merit Award for Deconstructing Eden

World of Beads VII, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY, October 2004, exhibit

Gallery 221, 221 East 88th Street, New York, NY 10128, December 2003 through April 2004, group show and sale

World of Beads VI, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY, October 2003, exhibit



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